XF Liam and Stripe

If you visit my XenForo Addon forum, https://xf-liam.com, often, you may have noticed that I stopped accepting PayPal and am now accepting credit/debit cards directly for add-on purchases.

The reason? It’s easier and much more secure – the charging is done on the server, and data cannot be edited by the viewing user. This also makes it anĀ instantĀ purchase – you’re redirected to your licenses instantly.

Stripe was actually really easy to integrate. The hard part was integrating their Stripe.js library with XenForo without breaking everything :)

So, why not go and try my new system and tell me what you think?


Not long now…

School becomes part-time from Monday, meaning I only have to go in for lessons I have not had all my exams for, so:

  • Further Maths
  • Computer Science
  • Chemistry

This is actually rather annoying, due to my timetable… Take Monday for example, period 1 I have Chemistry, whereas I have Further Maths period 5 (last period). So, I would have to be in period 1 and period 5… But non in-between!

Anyhow, I have 5 exams left – 2 chemistry, 2 further maths & 1 computer science. One of the Chemistry exams is on Tuesday (10th June), and the Computer Science exam is on Thursday (12th June).

My last exam is on Friday 20th, with the leaver’s assembly on the Monday after (23rd June), and finally the prom is on the 26th (the Thursday).

So, all in all, I’ll have finished everything and can go on holiday 2 weeks on Thursday :P

It’s been a strange year… Loads of things have changed – I being one of them. I’m certain my personality has changed… For the better? I’m not sure, probably.

Anyhow, on with the final exams and then revision :)


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